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Beginner Level (12 Sessions or more)

This level concentrates building a foundation in all the technical and theoretical requirements to sing and develops a student's musician ship skills while enjoying their favorite tunes.For young students, some parental involvement is needed to ensure practice and progress at home.

  • Correct Postures
  • Correct Techniques
  • Development of Listening Skills
  • Technical Exercises
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Musical Notes
  • Treble Clef
  • Sight Reading of Notes
  • Basic Rhythm Figures
  • Basic Time Signatures
  • Basic Scales
  • How to Practice at Home
  • Musicality

Intermediate Level (12 Sessions or more)

The Intermediate level works to enhance the musical skills that a student has and helps consolidate a solid vocal performer by developing a musical programme or repertory of medium difficulty

  • Musicality
  • Basic Articulation
  • Performing Advice
  • Sight Reading of Notes
  • Intermediate Rhythm Figures
  • Intermediate Level Time Signatures
  • Intermediate Level Scales
  • Music Theory

Advanced Level (12 Sessions or more)

Advance level is for performers and students who already have a solid understanding of the instrument, these lessons concentrate on developing musical ideas, musical expression and how to get to perform flawlessly and with passion.

  • Musicality
  • Articulation
  • Performance
  • Sight Reading of Notes
  • Advance Rhythm Figures
  • Music Theory
  • Treble Clef
  • Sight Reading of Notes
  • Advanced Time Signatures
  • Advanced Level Scales
  • Advanced Level Arpeggios
  • Advanced Level Chords

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