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Music House has a special music program for 5-6 years old children called “The Little Music House”. Once a student completes this course they are invited for an assessment to join the Oriental Singing course /Vocal Singing Course.

Oriental Singing Course / Vocal Course (7 years old and above)

1. In the case of very young students it is fundamental that they get help or support at home when practicing the instrument.
2. One session or lesson consists of a 50 minute slot. This is on a weekly basis to allow the student to practice and progress at home.

Beginner Level (12 Sessions or more)

This level concentrates building a foundation in all the technical and theoretical requirements to sing and develops a student's musicianship skills while enjoying their favorite tunes.For young students, some parental involvement is needed to ensure practice and progress at home.

  • Correct Postures
  • Correct Techniques
  • Development of Listening Skills
  • Technical Exercises
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Musical Notes
  • Treble Clef
  • Sight Reading of Notes
  • Basic Rhythm Figures
  • Basic Time Signatures
  • Basic Scales
  • How to Practice at Home
  • Musicality

Intermediate Level (12 Sessions or more)

The Intermediate level works to enhance the musical skills that a studenthas and helps consolidate a solid vocal performer by developing amusical programme or repertory of medium difficulty

  • Musicality
  • Basic Articulation
  • Performing Advice
  • Sight Reading of Notes
  • Intermediate Rhythm Figures
  • Intermediate Level Time Signatures
  • Intermediate Level Scales
  • Music Theory

Advanced Level (12 Sessions or more)

Advance level is for performers and students who already have a solid understanding of the instrument, these lessons concentrate on developing musical ideas, musical expression and how to get to perform flawlessly and with passion.

  • Musicality
  • Articulation
  • Performance
  • Sight Reading of Notes
  • Advance Rhythm Figures
  • Music Theory
  • Treble Clef
  • Sight Reading of Notes
  • Advanced Time Signatures
  • Advanced Level Scales
  • Advanced Level Arpeggios
  • Advanced Level Chords

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