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Music House prides itself with the highest standards of recruiting , we are proud to have hired a team of academic professional music instructors with a long experience in music education and live performance , our hiring process focusses on charisma , personality and people skills as well as musical excellence. Education works best when you look up to your teacher as a person and not only as a subject matter expert.

Mohamad Halawani

(Music Instructor)

Mohammed is a highly skilled and versatile professional musician, excelling as an electric guitarist, songwriter, recording artist, producer, and mixing engineer. His contributions have spanned across various musical genres, from Arabic hip hop to pop to metal. He has been involved in several releases, taking on roles such as producing, writing, mixing, as well as a contributing artist. With a rich background in live entertainment, he has performed extensively throughout the Middle East for six years. This experience has allowed him to develop a strong stage presence and connect with diverse audiences. Music has always been an integral part of his life, serving as a platform for him to connect with fellow artists and create unique and meaningful art. Through collaboration, he aims to translate the eclectic individual experiences of each artist into a cohesive musical expression. His professionalism, combined with his passion for music, allows him to deliver exceptional results in his various roles within the industry; whether it›s teaching, crafting captivating melodies, producing high-quality tracks, or captivating audiences on stage, he consistently strives for excellence in every aspect of his work



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