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Music House prides itself with the highest standards of recruiting , we are proud to have hired a team of academic professional music instructors with a long experience in music education and live performance , our hiring process focusses on charisma , personality and people skills as well as musical excellence. Education works best when you look up to your teacher as a person and not only as a subject matter expert.


(Music Instructor)

A  highly accomplished Oud specialist, he holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Oud  with a distinguished grade in 2016 and a Bachelor›s     degree in Arabic music from the Higher Institute. Presently, he serves as a  professor at Music House,     leveraging his expertise as an Oud instructor at renowned centers in Kuwait  and Egypt, such as the Academic Center, Sayed     Drwish Hall, Chaplin Studio, and Loyac. Further, he contributed as a  professor and Oud expert at Mr. Abadi Al-Jawhar’s shop     on Riyadh City Boulevard. Noteworthy artistic involvements encompass a  performance with artist Khaled Abdel Rahman in     Kuwait in 2023 and participation in the Foundation Day 2022 event alongside  the esteemed artist Mohamed Abdo and Maestro     Hani Farhat



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