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Music House prides itself with the highest standards of recruiting , we are proud to have hired a team of academic professional music instructors with a long experience in music education and live performance , our hiring process focusses on charisma , personality and people skills as well as musical excellence. Education works best when you look up to your teacher as a person and not only as a subject matter expert.


(Music Instructor)

Ray  Kabbara (LAVA), , is a Lebanese born DJ with a passion for electronic music  of all genres and tempos. He has studied music     at two schools in Lebanon, Per-vurt DJ School and DJ Lab Academy, and has  been DJing for the past 10 years. He specializes in     electronic music in its various genres, and is known for his energetic and  eclectic sets.    In 2023, Lava moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to chase his music career and  showcase his talent to a new audience. He has quickly     made a name for himself in performing in private & public events



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